JFarley's Irish Pub
JFarley's Irish Pub


Claremore, OK, USA

Owners of J Farley's Pub, James Franklin and Chris Hayes, are very old friends who enjoy riding their motorcycles to visit microbreweries in their free time. They both desired to be involved in the restaurant business, so they looked around at a couple of large restaurant franchises, but after searching, they decided that they wanted more freedom than the franchises could offer them. They are beer men through and through. They know everything about craft beer, and Chris has always been known to cook a great burger. So, Chris and James decided to get back to their roots, and get back to what they knew: Beers and burgers. It was not until a firefighters birthday party that the idea for J Farley's Pub was born. At the birthday party, someone needed help with a keg downstairs that wouldn't work. So, naturally, Chris and James were asked by their buddies to go fix it. James and Chris went to go figure it out, and it just dawned on James at that moment, "This is what we are, we know beer and we know burgers. Let's get back to what we know and stop trying to work with all these franchises where we don't know what the heck we're doing." So, down on the North Block in Claremore at a firefighter's birthday party, after they had started planning to open up their own place, Chris told James, "Man, I've got the perfect name for our place: let's name it after Jason, let's name it J Farley's Pub."

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