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Pafford Medical Services

Pafford Medical Services

Sequoyah, OK, USA
Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023



Provides Basic Life Support including medical evaluation, treatment and stabilization of the critically ill and injured; responds to emergency rescue situations involving potential loss of life or bodily injury; maintains control, manages and directs patient care at the scene of a pre-hospital emergency; provides training and instruction to lesser trained personnel; performs other duties as required.




• Recognizes and understands a medical emergency and makes reasonable and acceptable differential diagnosis;

Performs physical examinations;

• Understands and anticipates potentially life-threatening presentation of non-cardiac emergencies and institutes appropriate emergency therapy where essential for the preservation of life;

• Deals with medical and emotional needs of any victim of acute illness or injury with the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality.

Responsible for quality patient-care as established by the Company;

Files standardized reports of patient information and care for the use of receiving hospital and administration, including nature of request for aid, pertinent past history, therapy provided diagnosis, disposition and sufficient patient information for billing purposes;

Maintains effective communication with physician on duty at hospital to relate patient condition and obtain orders for treatment;

Follows standard written protocols when a physician cannot be contacted;

Transports the ill and injured to institutions of medical care;

• Operates emergency vehicles in a safe manner under all conditions;

• Cleans and maintains equipment;

Properly completes patient statistics and medical information forms for administrative use;

• Assists technical rescues in removing victims from varied terrain and circumstances; and,

• Follows standard operating policies and procedures as developed and directed by the Company.



• Cleans and maintains (minor maintenance) vehicles;

• Cleans and maintains living quarters;

• Maintains records of vehicles, supplies, training and daily work; and,

• Performs other related duties as assigned.




The supervisor makes assignments in terms of shifts to be worked and the general scope of the work assignment. The incumbent performs the work in accordance with the procedures, policies and medical orders provided. The incumbent must exercise judgment in applying the proper guideline to the proper situation. The work is spot checked and evaluated on the basis of feedback from the patient, medical staff and others.




• Must possess and maintain:


• CPR for the Health Care Provider


• Good knowledge of the street systems, addresses and physical layout of the area, and of the rescue equipment and the emergency medical equipment used in Advanced Life Support.


• Good ability to:

• Perform technical medical skills with a high degree of accuracy;

• Understand and effectively deal with emotional and medical needs of victims of injuries, acute illnesses, or psychological emergencies;

Maintain a professional and objective approach to the care of ill or injured persons;

• Learn new concepts in rescue and medical skills and techniques and in pre-hospital care;

Perform a variety of limited mechanical work involved in the use, testing and maintenance of rescue and medical equipment;

• Direct the work of, and teach other personnel;

• Understand and follow oral and written instructions and orders;

• Maintain a professional attitude when representing the Company;

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, assisting agencies, hospital personnel, and the general public;

• Drive and operate emergency ambulance units; and,

Author reports with narrative and numeric information.

Additionally, incumbents must maintain a high degree of academic and practical knowledge in emergency medicine, and must attend sufficient continuing education classes, courses, and seminars both on and off duty to maintain annual certification, as required by the state in which you will be working.




The work requires the incumbent to operate emergency medical vehicles, move medical equipment and extract injured persons from a wide variety of situations. Situation can involve vehicular, industrial and residential accidents, injuries or illness and occur anywhere in our coverage area. At times the work requires movement over various types of terrain, (hilly, steep, rocky, rough, and/or wet/slippery surfaces). The incumbent at all times must be able to carry or help carry someone from the site of the injury to the mode of transportation (vehicle/helicopter) and attend the injured party to the hospital. In order to perform a physical assessment of the injured party, the incumbent must see, hear, and communicate with the injured party.

Incumbents will be issued and must wear Company issued uniforms while on duty; additionally, incumbents will be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of uniform s, as well as all issued equipment.


Incumbents are required to carry a Company issued pager/radio at all times in order to receive immediate notification of an assignment.



Pafford Emergency Medical Services reserves the right, at the discretion of the appropriate appointing authority, to waive any of the minimum qualifications for those applicants whose general or specific qualifications would otherwise qualify the applicant for the position or lead the appointing authority to believe that the applicant is capable of performing the assigned duties and fulfilling the assigned responsibilities.